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Wandsworth Road has beem teeming with polis all day, big knots of about ten of them. There's still one by the request bus stop on the corner. I think it must be some sort of training exercise...This morning there was a carcrash thing with about half a dozen yoofs straight out of THE WIRE standing surly and chastened, while three cops went about their enquiries. Total traffic jam hell all along, of course. As usual, nobody know's what's occurrin'.
When a bus actually came along, the driver did the usual dangerous-overload business, so that there were about four pushcairs, a few trolleys and many people on sticks trying to find something to hold on to...I was the first wheelie person on, and was just unable to get out of the buggy area when a loud, ignorant breeder got on and started making comments about 'people' taking up official anklebiter space with all their stuff. (Person unknown had dumped several big suitcases in the area, and was undoubtedly chortling somewhere, while I took the stick.) I assumed my best dowager profundo voice and replied. 'When I am able to move, I will do so, I assure you.' Stoopid cunt. I didn't make her drop four maris piper-headed monsters.
I got a paperback of ANANSI BOYS for £2.00. Hup!

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