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Things Fall Apart...

Latest casualty is the bloody Sholley super-shopper, which I've only had for about ten years. I really need it nowadays, as I can't walk properly even with a stick.
The handle keeps coming off, and not going back together normally. I've got it semi-patched-up, but it wasn't helped by the lift going out...I had to drag it down two flights, when it was really full of bottles, a new set-top box, etc.
I just couldn't go own without my Freeview, and it turns out everyone else is re-connected now. My year-old box still doesn't respond, so I got one of those £20 ones at ASDA, and so far, it's working. I can give the old one to R Next Door, although I have my doubts about trying to get it repaired; probably more expensive than buying a new one.
She's off with Cat for three days on the other side of Clapham Common, housesitting for the rich lady she dogwalks for. She's so thrilled, you'd think she was going for a proper holiday. A few days chilling out in a lovely house full of neat stuff can be as good as a real trip to us po' folks.
I dreamt of that probably-fake Haitian UFO sighting. I was there, watching them, and was sure they were real.
Haven't seen any meteor shower spectacle, despite favourable conditions. I guess the urban light pollution is just too strong.

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