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Mad,Sad and Bad in America

Worrying news from New York. My mother is really getting scary. Evidently ,appropos of nothing, she started screaming at my sister over the phone. "I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! You've never done anything for me!" and so on, for ages. This is even weirder if you consider that the old girl is usually barely audible on the phone, as she's so worried about the neighbours hearing her say bad things about them! God knows how we're going to cope with her being completely demented, if that's the way it's going. Both my sister and I are below the breadline, and I've hardly got enough money for a plane ticket, should I be called upon, not to mention cat care, etc. One thing about my mother, though, her physical stamina is impressive. After roaring and bawling at G for nearly an hour, she rang ME and went on for another hour, to the tune of .'I don't know what set her off. She's such a strange girl...'.She also had her usual good wail about the neighbours, and all the Indian and Chinese people who are 'taking over' the grim suburb where she lives. 'I'm sure these people aren't legal...When I came to America I had to have documents to show I was in good health, but they're all sneaking in, with AIDs and everything...'
Am I so very evil, I wonder, to wish her swiftly and mercifully dead, soon? She's a torment to herself and all she encounters; always has been...Whooo!

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