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Good Feckin' Morning...

It's starting to be warm. (Musn't grumble!) I have to continue faffing with the bank and the council. I'm feeling very old and poorly ('Fap's feebly...)
BB, Chanelle's ultimate tantrum was quite interesting. She was literally foaming at the mouth.I've never seen anyone just scream as an interjection,like that, either. Is she like that in RL, or was it just for the cameras? Curious...
There was a sale at Holland & Barratt of the arthritis nostrums R Next Door swears by, so I got the cheapest possible ones (still more than I could bloody spare-) to give them a trial run.Boy, do I wish I'd irresponsibly spent all my redundancy money on travel,while I was still fairly mobile, instead of leaking it away 'sensibly'...

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