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Rather strange to see it definitely OUT.
Belated happy birthday to Jeremy. ( Quite a cluster of them, recently.)
Must say the latest BB wheeze, the 'halfway house' people are rather scary. That Johnty guy with the stuffed animals and the mad laugh seems certifiable.He's never had sex,either;he only likes spanking. Brrrrr... It's probably just an act, but he does it unnervingly well. That blonde woman who entered The House with a flourescent pink toga-thing sliding off her introduced herself to the 'real' housemates on the other side of the door with 'Do you like girls who swallow?'.(The Youth of Today! I despair for 'em...Fap.) There's also a fairly 'normal' glamour model type, and another girl with a rather eerie rictus grin...'Chiggy' is sundered yet again, and weedy Chanelle is threatening to walk out. Heh.

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