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Went to the West End to deliver some more BOGUS DEADs to 'Gosh'; ended up buying the latest NAUGHTY BITS, LOVE & ROCKETS and MEAT CAKE, none of which I could afford, and the Dame Darcy was a bit of a waste. I just can't get into her. I think I've tried hard enough, now. I really want EPILEPTIC, vol. 1 very badly indeed, and wouldn't mind that CJ Music special. Sigh...
The traffic really has got to the point where it's quicker to walk just about anywhere...if it weren't for the fumes. I've certainly never seen it so bad. There were people walking around giving out free Nestle's Double Cream chocolate bars, which are horribly good.
I bought a $12 figurine of Bes for £2 in the BM shop,'cos it had a busted ear. Hope it brings a bit of good fortune!
They keep running TV ads for that new war film ,WINDTALKERS(?) Wind-something, anyway , with Nicolas Cage in strangulated-scream mode, crying out 'Ah can't do it! Ah cannot perform mah dooty!'. For some reason, this makes me laugh out loud every time I hear it. I used to like him, but he hasn't done anything good in a while, now.
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