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The wind just keeps whistling up here. You'd think I'd get used to it, like I seldom notice the trains going by downstairs...It keeps spooking me though. Of course, it was worse, years ago, when it used to howl through all the broken windows in the 'communal area'.
I'm still sad about poor Shambo. Apparently they want to slaughter some other animals belonging to the monastery, too. Nobody's really at fault, I don't think; it's just a pathetic situation.
I am now actually unable to change a light bulb. I've tried several times, but my hurty knees creak and crack so much, I can't trust myself not to fall over. I'll have to ask R Next Door. Jesus Christ, it's pretty scary...
Hypothetical question Re: CAPTION, which I will probably miss yet again; how far is the Botley Rd YHA from the venue?
It seems Charley is the big favourite to be evicted on BB tonight, which surprises me. It might be interesting if she goes, though, to see how the group dynamic changes in her absence.It could get very, very boring, though.
Still no sign of the roof aerial getting fixed.Damn, I want my Freeview!
I predict Brian, Liam and The Twins will be the Final Four, although personally I still 'like' Gerry best of the lot.

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