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Damp And Debilitated...

'My weariness amazes me; I'm branded on my feet.'
Utterly frazzled after another botched schlep to Bermondsey to sample Herzog DVDs. I think Klaus Kinkski's ghost is feeling prankish, or something.
HEROES at last on BBC tonight. I'm quite curious to have a look.
My predictions for ROME turned out fairly accurate. I expect if there had been a third series, Pullo would have got around to marrying Vorenus' daughter.
Hope everybody in Oxford is high and dry. It's the wind that's getting to me. It's so spooky up here in the high rise...
Alas, poor Shambo!,,2134521,00.html

I know it's a difficult situation, but I really think this is no good. There's enough bad karma floating about at present. I hope they can still work out some way of saving the poor critter.

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