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Halt And Lame...

Pretty demoralised by my condition. I'm still frelled from a(nother)  abortive attempt to visit 

kelper    Sunday. Not only am I physically kaput, but I have great fear I'm going senile, like my mother. Not yet, I hope...My sister seems to be having very similar problems, and her GP reckons the intensaity of  the bodily owies are worsened by the 'massive stress'  of the family situation. Makes sense... I'm determined to get to CAPTION this year, but I really wondertif I can manage like this, propped up on a  bloody shopping trolley, and all. Bugger. For that little bit of extra aggravation to lend piquancy, I've lost my Freeview signal. Seems to be a problem  with the aerial, which usually takes forever to get fixed. I wanted to see that BBC4 George Melly special... Watched that strange CLAPHAM JUNCTION play on TV th other night. Hardly a 'celebratory' view of the gay  subculture!  Whatever happened to sweet lil' mental boy 'Joe Wicks'? Actually he makes rather a good  psycho. That stuff was really scary. It's actually a fairly nice day here. Hope everyone who was hit by the floods is coping OK. It seems strange, though, as here in London, despite it raining most of the time, we've had very little flooding. You tend to forget how much of the country is messed up.

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