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The EASTENDERS thread concerning the torture of creepy little Ben (an apparent eight year-old playing an eleven year-old geek-) by his dad's deranged fiancee, reached a truly staggering conclusion last night.
Caught out at last, on Mitchell's fourth (or is it fifth?) wedding day, sadistic Stella fled frothing and bulgy-eyed, to a deserted factory. Furious Phil chased her down, picking up an iron bar on the way.
They had a screamy confrontation which ended with Stella falling, jumping or being pushed, from a great height, splat onto the wedding limo, which she had stolen. Phil stood looking at his hands in horror, as killers often do.
That's entertainment!
Good old 'ENDERS, it's bloody dull most of the time, but you have to stick with it to truly appreciate such supreme moments of manic mayhem when they roll around.
BTW, Stella was heavily into pinching and slicing herself, as well as the wretched Ben, but her arms and shoulders appeared unblemished when she donned her wedding gown...Well, that's another educated,professional madwoman dealt with, anyhow.

My predictions for the ROME finale, tomorrow... I think poor old Vorenus may die heroically, but Pullo will escape back to Rome with Cleopatra's kid Caesarion, who is most likely his. He may well marry Vorenus' surlysmouldery eldest daughter as well.

Uh-oh, looks like another storm is coming...

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