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The Rains Came (Again)...

Blimely, we surely are doomed. It pissed down for most of the morning, but the real weirdness was the spooky, sullen atmosphere.
Yukky steamy sun is coming out, now, and I suppose I should go out, at least to the post box and recycling bins. It just gets harder and harder to manouvre my aching body. Mumble...Even if I won the sodding Lotto, how could I go a-rovin' like this?
Trying to finish two pages about the screaming scarecrow dream I had a few weeks ago, for the CAPTION comic.
Watched ROME, which I taped last night. I definitely heart soft-centred killing machine Titus Pullo. Damn, only one more episode.
I keep thinking about that man who used to be on TV variety shows singing MULE TRAIN while whacking himself in the head with a tray. (I didn't make him up, did I? I think it was way back in the 70's...) I am, of course, earwormed, now. Lord have mercy...

I tried googling MULE TRAIN, and lo, here he is! Deal wiv it.

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