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Yesterday I was stopped by the annoying weirdowoman who stands yakking at the poor captive concierge for hours nearly every day. She'd heard that my cat had died. How?! R Next Door never talks to her either, and nobody else in the building (I thought-) knew about my loss...
It seems that an ex-concierge has taken on a kitten (black, female, 14 weeks old-) who is disliked by his two older cats. He wants it to have a good home, and doesn't want to dump it at the SPCA...Now, I was tempted, but I haven't really recovered from all the emotional turmoil with Wotan yet, I can barely move, and kittens are frisky and messy, and I can't afford all the spaying, injecting, etc. I'd prefer another 'boy' too, b&w or ginger.
I said no, but I might look after it for a bit, until they find a permanent home, if the older cats are really beating it up. Hopefully, the kitten will be grudgingly acceptied in a few days, and all will be well.
I am doing the right thing in refusing. Aren't I?...

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