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Killers.On The Road...

Two guys were shot just down the road here, in the latest spurt of 'gun crime in the black community'. One died.
R Next Door has taken to her bed. She's usually afraid to go out,minus dogs, and stuff like this really gets to her.I got her a stick of 'lucky bamboo' from LIDL to cheer her up. She's also being hassled about council tax. She's paid, but they never accept they're in the wrong without the exhausting, long and weary dances. They're after me yet again (this seems to be a ritual every few years-) for 'rent arrears'. Now, I am so paranoid about being cast onto the streets to beg, I have always been very, very scrupulous about paying the bloody rent. I just don't feel up to all this hassle of faffing about copying bank statements and such... Fucking council incompetence and obnoxiousness;Fap!
My pain situation is driving me mad, too. I'm damn lucky I had a pretty well painless life, apart from the odd injury or toothache, for nearly 55 years, as I really do not handle discomfort well at all.
Apparently the Big Brother Housemates are having a 'naked protest'. I don't know what's going on, I just saw a passing headline. Does that mean we get to see undraped willies? I seem to remember in earlier series, they would show blokes in the shower, etc. Now, of course, everyone is wise, and most of them seem to shower in pants. I also saw a headline about 'Charley's Secret Lesbian Lover!', but again, I didn't get the 'story'.
I've been watching Ian McKellen's RICHARD III film. Really chopped up and mucked about with too much, but very entertaining. I remember when they were filming that, there was all smoke and stuff coming up from Battersea Power Station,where 'Bosworth' was shot. Some locals who didn't know about the filming became sore afeard of alien invasions and whatnot.

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