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Saved By The Geeks...

It cost £100 Visa-virtual, and is only guaranteed for one month, not three as I'd thought, but everything's working at the moment.A nice young Greek bloke from took nearly 3 hours over it, and seemed to be having a difficult time, so I guess it wasn't just my stupidity. Anyway, I don't care as long as I don't have to slouch around those grotty cafes for a while.
I have actually finished up a lame little one-pager for the 'pants' anthology, if it's accepted. At least I've made the effort.
Watched THE HISTORY BOYS last night. Wotta load of tosh! I can't believe it was so popular. Maybe it was destroyed in the transition from stage to screen, or something.Completely unconvincing in in almost every way. Good performances from the adults, but it really was cheesy, long, and boring.

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