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Lowering Skies...

Is there gonna be another Very Strange Storm, perhaps?
I've got so much very tedious stuff to do today. God, I can't cope with forms, financial things, and standing up for myself. I desperately need an accountant or something, but you have to actually have money to get one of those. Like many other poor people, I expect I lose out on a lot of savings by simply not understanding what I'm entitled to and how to make sure I get it.
Speaking, as usual, about incessant hard luck, I read an article in the paper about this poor cow who was violently raped and left for dead, then blown up on 07/07, then plagued by a cyberstalker. Oy, harsh!... My sister would say it's all down to 'ancient twisted karma'. I dunno. I just hope I enjoyed all the past-life misdeeds that led to where I am today. Fap!
I can see a big drafting table in front of the secondhand furniture shop across the road. Mmmmm. I suppose I really draw best sitting at the dining table, anyway...
Watched CAPE WRATH last night. Ultra-weird in a rather smug self-congratulatory way. I doubt if we have another TWIN PEAKS here, but I'll probably watch it again.
I did finally ring the Geek Squad in desperation.They're coming tomorrow. The guy I spoke to sounded like a retard, but I suppose that's a normal geek thing. It's gonna cost at least £100, but at least it's 'no fix no fee', and there's a three month guarantee.
I'm missing Wotan a lot.
Made a start on a one-page 'pants'-themed strip, anyway. Had a weird dream encounter which might make a page for CAPTION, too.

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