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Here I Am...

In the dirty cafe, this time, as the PCs in the better one are all snafu'd, and crash every time I try to post to LJ.
A very happy birthday to the splendid 
rozk  , and many more of 'em.  I nodded off watching CABIN FEVER, and need spoilers. Last thing I remember was the formerly dead dog coming  out of the woods growling. I was sick all day yesterday with some sort of gruesome stomach affliction. Maybe I'm getting stress-induced IBS, like my sister. Not fair;  have enough bloody ailments for the moment, thank you Kindly Ones... I think I really am going to call the Geek Squad. I can't carry on like this. The engines cannae take it, Captain . I've had still more anxiety -sweat dreams. Last night they were expecting me to sing Turandot, with a cottage loaf wig that had a big red bow on top.

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