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Ugly Beige Plastic Cat Carrier...

Actually got myself to collect Wotan's carrier from the vet, in the event of finding another familiar, (which I hope to do eventually, although himself will be a very hard act to follow.) I went misty when I saw the old tag they'd left on, "Wotan Kennedy", but managed to get out without actually crying. Christ, I'm wet.
I'm in the cleanest and most expensive local cafe, after finding lots of itchy insect bites all over my limbs, in the past week or so. I've decided they're from some sort of 'cootie' resident in the less salubrious venues, which, of course, is probably not the case, but...
I am seriously considering calling the Geek Squad, which was well reviewed in the Sunday Times last week. I hate the idea of raising my credit card debt, but then I'm going to be paying it for the rest of my days anyhow, WTF? If they can get me going, it would be cheaper than investing imaginary funds in a whole new setup. If I can buy some more time, maybe I'll win the lotto before the next breakdown, and....(blather, drool, rave...)
Saw a charming wee film, LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. I suppose it was a bit corny,and not my usual fare, but I actually laughed out loud a couple of times.Alan Arkin was terrific as the drug fiend granddad, and it was rather uplifting, actually.

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