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From The Bloody Cafe...

Yuck. The PCs here are really rubbish, too... SLOW! I've been getting some lovely offers, and items in the post, which make me cry. Thank you,peeps. Will reply individually when possible.
Excuse worse-than-usual typos, etc. Blame the sticky keyboard, and the fact that I'm typing on an empty stomach on an overdose of Panadol Extra. I feel unusual...
Nothing much is happening. I want my PC back, wah! I'm sure if the drivers could be sorted, it would still be useable, but I can't sort out the mess I've made...
In Big Brotherland, I'm quite interested in the current sleep-deprivation stunt. Brian seems to be shaping up as the new Jade, following his truly astounding conversation about Romeo and Juliet/Shakespeare...The only Romeo he was aware of was a rapper, and he's never heard of Shakespeare at all; thought he was currently alive, at first. Somebody said he must have heard about him in school. He frowned and replied solemnly 'I din't pay much attention at school.' Brian has also displayed the first stonking erection of the season, and evidently farts lethally. He may win.
Must do some drawing today. Someone I don't know sent me a 'fan' email, which I think is probably some sort of joke, but inspired me to produce more for my public, anyway. ('I love you! I love every fuckin' one of you!'...)
The new GIRLY looks grand; love Moto's NOSFERATU/Spacegirl cover. Thanks Selina for the sketchbook; possibly the loveliest I've ever seen;I'll be afraid to use it! I cried over that, too. I'm really febrile at the moment. I seem to be missing Wotan more rather than less, and I still want to email John when I see anything amusing. Jeez.
Looks like there may be a 'heavy shower' any minute. STRANGE-looking skies...

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