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Got a letter from Pet Healthcare Services this morning, offering condolences and informing me that because I had to pay their ever-rising premiums monthly,not yearly, I am not entitled to ANYTHING towards poor old Wotan's last vet visit, tests, and euthanasia, so will have to sink further still into the slough of debt to pay for my own misery. Haw haw...I'm not gonna let it get me any downer than I already am.
Had a visit from a bloody Mori poll man, who was really desperate, from the look of him, as he hadn't been getting much surveying joy ringing the buzzers of the twin towers of Wandsworth Road. Like a pillock, I felt sorry for him and ended up spending an extremely dull half hour railing against Tony Blair and making up opinions about how much I trust Marks & Spencer and the Post Office, etc. etc.

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