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Baaaaaaad Day, Strange Dreams

And I'm not going into detail, as it concerns others I can't be bothered disguising, and it's all a bit intimate. (Snivel)...
Falling asleep in front of TV sometimes brings on some pretty entertaining dreams and hypnagogic trips. I started awake at about 3a.m the other night, after encountering a beautiful della Francesca-type angel with a sword who gravely announced 'You need not fear the skull of Frankenstein'. There was a Spanish film on the box with a bunch of ugly 70's types, evidently in hell. A medallion man was confronted by several sets of buttocks with faces painted on them, (I'm pretty sure I was full awake at this point!) and a cheesy-looking Hispanic version of Baron Samedi, top hat,etc. kept popping up ranting, laughing dementedly, etc. What the hell was that?
Check out that full moon, too. Holy Moley!

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