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Once again, thanks for the compassionate thoughts and words. Youse are all champion. (That Johnny Depp knows his foot massage, too!)
I wailed like a banshee for hours; they probably heard me in Camden Town.
Today,I cleared out all Wotan's food and litter; gave it to R Next Door for Cat. She seemed to really appreciate it, as she's as skint as I am, so it felt nice to pass it on to someone who needs it. She's been such a great help, too.
I still keep 'filling up', but I guess that's to be expected for a while.
God, I miss him, but I don't miss watching his recent decline, realising that it was at last time to give up and let him pass. It was excruciating.

Well, at least there's a BIG BROTHER scandal to distract me tonight. Evidently horrid little Emily one of the blonde bimbos, said 'nigga'-in what context I don't know, but she's been cast into the outer darkness for it. Must see.
It's quite demoralising to see the utter acceptance of sexual stereotypes by all of these kids, and the the BB 'psychiatric experts', not to mention their general pig-ignorance. This group seems dopier than usual, and that's really saying something.

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