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Dispatch From Job's Dunghill...

R Next Door had a look at Wotan, and said 'I don't think he will be coming back tomorrow'. I think she may well be right. I don't want to vent about it now, I have to try and keep as stoical as possible. There may yet be another stay of execution anyway, if there's anything they can do to improve his life quality.

Oy...There's tragedy in soapland, too.I don't know exactly what happened, but the unfortunate Stingray Timmins, who fairly recently incurred possible infertility after falling off a roof onto his tackle, has now died after donating bone marrow to his baby niece/might-have-been daughter. Ramsey all aquiver.

BIG BROTHER, of course, is getting its hooks in. Charley is even worse than The Twins. She must be seriously dealt with.

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