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Gloom & Doom...

I'm in a bad place. Boo Hoo. I've been finding it really difficult to refrain from just sleeping all day. Wotan's condition is deteriorating, which is heart-rending for me, and my situation in general just seems hopelessly messed up. My physical pain stuff certainly doesn't help, either. Oh well, gotta just ride it out...
The advent of BIG BROTHER, of course emphasises that bloody summer is here, although we're having a cool spell...The all-woman House doesn't look very promising. Of course I say that every year, and end up gawping religously. I'm afraid things may be toned down a lot, though, what with the Shilpa/Jade stuff and everything.
It was mildly interesting to note that the mob booed the bimbos and cheered for the more eccentric types. That's encouraging...unless they were just being 'ironic'.
There are a couple of older women and a couple of fats, too, but they're probably doomed to early eviction.
The terrifying Twins of Evil, pink lollipops and all, have got to be first out, though; truly excruciating to see and hear.

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