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Bah, Hotness...

I went to get my bonce shaved, and thought I'd schlep into Sainsbury's, first, to see if anything good was on offer. I had my old lady shopping trolley, and noticed a youngish woman limping awkwardly along, pulling one of those drag-behind-you shoppers. I know how tedious it is, so I stopped and offered to walk through the car park with her, carrying her bag on top of the trolley. She was nicely turned out, to my taste, in boho style, and was using a very cool decorated walking stick which I admired. She said when she was diagnosed with MS, they'd given her an ugly wooden stick, and she wouldn't have it. She now has several snazzy ones to go with various outfits. She's determined not to let her disability make her dowdy, and does everything she can to turn it into a feature. What a gal; I really liked her.
In the Carribean barber shop, there was a huge shouting match going on about the Bible. "Jesus is my Lord! The Bible .is. my. holy. book!" The other guy seemed to be Xtian too, so I don't know what they were quarreling about; seemed to be something to do with preaching, but I couldn't make out much of it.

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