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Blues In The Night...

Several more sad events have taken place; deaths and serious illness. Nothing really close to me, but it freaks me out, anyway.
I'm sure it must be just inevitable escalation of entropy, and all that, but I feel it's all some kind of uncanny cosmic plot, at times. Glub.
Despite my funk, I'm still working slowly on the strip, which is just a nursery rhyme, and should have been done days ago...I'm just glad I'm doing anything at this point. I've still got one really stiff knee, but can bend the other a bit better, now. I've actually sent away for one of those 'magnetic knee braces' they advertise in the grottier catalogues, I'm so desperate for some relief I'll blinkin' try anything. Fap.
I watched THE BLACK DAHLIA which is a very dumb film indeed, and has little to do with the actual unsolved murder.

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