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Yeh! Cloud Cover!

Bring on the thunder,and invigorating ozone. I live again!
My mother was ultra-mad this weekend. She's got a bee in her bonnet about my (pious Buddhist!) sister being a pathological liar, and never really got her degree and all sorts of nastiness. Mind you, it's nothing that unusual; she still believes I'm a big ol' lesbo and prays for my redemption, despite the fact I have never done the sex with a woman in my life, nor given her any reason to believe so, apart from 'looking like one'. At the same time (and with my mother, this is possible-) she thinks I'm also a big ol' nympho, constantly having casual orgies with (male) drug fiends...Well, gee, not much any more; at this point, even drug fiends and drunks don't wanna know! I never became a 'proper' housewife, she thinks 'cos 'Who buys a cow when the milk is free?' (TRUE FACT, she has said that, and doesn't see anything strange about it-) Ach ya ya- About time for another strip about her...Cackle...'Vincero'
Oh bliss, I think it's gonna thunder soon...

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