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Half Ton Hospital Again...

I know I shouldn't watch these things. Every afternoon this week, they've been broadcasting 'amazing but horrifying' tales of the morbidly obese.
The rehab centre actually seems a bit dodgy to me. I can't quite put my finger on it; maybe it's the chief consultant's rather bad grammar, I dunno...
The ferrety presenter constantly comes out with idiotic comparisons of how the weight of one or another of the poor inmates equals 'six baby elephants' or 'seven domestic washing machines'. They also run the same clips over and over, especially shots of naughty backsliding fatsos cramming 'bad' food into their blubbery gobs.
It's quite obscene, hideously patronising, and, of course, compulsive watching.

EASTENDERS is packed with bsrking mad women at the moment; Phil's popeyed child-abusing girlfriend, Maniacal May,who also happens to be the local GP(!), confused childwoman Honey, crazy mixed-up kid Stacey...The men are all just plain dopey.
There was a rather good laugh, the other night, though.
Ian Beale spitefully crammed a potato into archenemy Phil Mitchell's exhaust pipe after a slanging match in the street. When Mitchell came back and tried to start up, the potato shot out and smashed the window of Ian's chippie. Well, I laughed, but I am very understimulated these days...

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