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Sadass Sunday...

Worried about Wotan. Some days, his back legs are very stiff and weak, and he fell over in the litter tray this morning. I hate to see him suffer such indignity. He doesn't seem to be in pain, but of course, I can't really tell. He's due to see the vet again, this week, anyway. Ronnie Corbett claims to have a 23-year old cat, in today's paper.Where there's life there's hope... I just pray I know when the 'right' time comes to let him go in peace. He still seems to get some pleasure out of life, though. I hope I'm not deluding myself.
The state of my own legs is shocking. I wonder if I were actually able to lose a lot of weight, if it would help? No use speculating, really, as despite all my best self-torture efforts, I never seem to lose more than a few pounds. Grizzle...
Tried to draw, but nothing satisfactory.

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