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Hot Weather Is Here...

Fuck it, I say. I know it makes a lot of people happy, and relieves depression in those who don't like cool,cloudy days. Unfortunately for me,strong sun and heat are torment. Grunt.Even as a child, I didn't like summer much, except for the freedom from school. The only possible way for me to enjoy summer would be if I had access to a nice clean,quiet beach every day,or a private pool.Mmmm,that would be OK.
Finally managed to see a bank manager. The CAB has done fuck all for me, despite the guy seeming to be on the ball. I've heard nothing for months, and something has to be done.Negotiations continue. Prayers,workings and incantations, etc. on my behalf appreciated...
Watched another chunk of DEADWOOD season 2. Damn, I never thought I'd be in love with a western.I have a bit of a pash for Calamity Jane, and I heart the doctor, too...So many teriffic characters, and such marvellous dialogue. It really, really rocks.

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