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Went to the dress rehearsal at the Coli yesterday, minus 'kelper',

a fellow Glass fan, who had to beg off due to lurgification. I'm still a bit snivelly and hacky
myself, but was determined to check it out. I'd seen it once, years ago on TV, and quite liked it.
I still don't find it casts the same numinous spell as AKHNATEN, though. It is pleasantly hypnotic,and the first two acts passed very painlessly. The last one is a real bum-number, though. Wish I'd scarpered and caught LIFE ON MARS, instead.
The cast was good... It must require immense concentration from the singers and musos not to just trance out and get lost in the endless repetitions. The production was very nice, with some fascinating giant-puppet action. (Special mention to the 'short' one who resembled Charles Laughton.)
Got home in time to see EUNUCHS, which was a bit pointless, but 'Brother Benedict's' designer pubic region was something you certainly don't see every day...
Need breakfast now. I'm in an eggy mood, but haven't got any. Fap.

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