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The oppressive heat, and tomorrow will be worse. Guess I an't going nowhere. AND I paid for my CAPTION ticket...Watched the DVD of LOTR yesterday; crackin' stuff.Wish I'd gone to see it in the cinema, as I'd intended to. Don't think I've enjoyed a trip to Fantasyland so much since the first JURASSIC PARK. It was nice to see Christopher Lee obviously having such a rollicking time being BAD. (I like to see old people doing cool stuff and enjoying themselves. It gives me hope-)
Both my old homepages 'Crazycrone's Cackling Corner' and 'The Crone Blathers On-' are gorn. I've tried and tried the last couple of weeks,(They always did vanish occasionally-)but can't get 'em. I can't get TalkCity at all. What's occurrin'?

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