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I feel vaguely nauseous. Don't know why...
I schlepped to the dental hospital and waited in fear, but all they did was take my blood pressure, look over the notes from last time, and tell me to come back Wednesday for the extraction. Yargh. What a palaver.I don't think I'm going to get any nice laughing gas or anything, either; just numbing needles.They said I should be OK to get home on the bus alone afterwards; I feckin' hope so.
R Next Door looked in on Wotan while I was out, and said she was crying, to remember what he was like a few years ago, which got me all melancholy, too. Snurt...
Nearly got thrown to the floor of the bus. Luckily I usually take the precaution of holding onto a rail or something even when sitting down, these days. This loon from  the demo at Westminster suddenly ran right in front of us, and the driver just managed not to squish him. What a plonker.
I'm rather curious as to who was the other head case who chose to be banged up in the tower during the 'explosives' scare.Actually, when I said I'd stay, I didn't realise that  you wouldn't be allowed to leave and come back in again until they gave the all clear. I guess I would have stayed anyway, though. I don't see how I could have taken the cat to bunk down in the community centre down the road.


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