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Gloomy Sunday...

Whew... really enjoyed the BBC2 broadcast of the current ROH GOTTERDAMMERUNG last night, which I taped, and viewed in two chunks. That's the sort of thing that makes me grateful that TV exists for us poor folk. It's just a crime that more great stage events aren't preserved, even today.
It seems that in the end, only two tenants (including me-) chose to be marooned in the block during the explosive gas canisters drama. Jesus, I think I would have bewen a bit scared if I'd known that... I'm so sorry I missed the THING, too. I seem to be missing out on everything, nowadays,
Looks like another exquisite week coming up, too, what with dental hospital tomorrow, the whole visiting strange lady business,the continuing cat tragedy alert, and having to attend a scattering of ashes on Friday. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph...

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