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Excellent Wheeze-

On the above site you can generate your own attitudinous black-woman name. I am Danielle Hiawatha Greene Haaaaaahaha...
It's stinking fucking hot, and yes, I took part in the fucking cat food caper, nearly having a heart attack for the sake of 56p.
Has OZ jumped the shark, I wonder? It was always Jacobean-baroque, but current lunacy is a bit unconvincingly over-flamboyant. Irresistible snakeyed bisexual psychokiller Keller managed to break a bloke's neck (his party piece-) WHILE said bloke was sucking him off. Saintly Said's coming over all violent (possessed by the spirit of Adebisi?) and good ole Nazi boy Vern Schillinger has got religion. Naah.
Tragic news from flooded Prague. An escaped gorilla from the zoo is assumed drowned. Bloody hell- A rush of ecstatic anthropoid freedomfrenzy and wham, defunct in the Vltava...

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