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Sombre & Sweaty...

It's feckin'  warm!  I went to pick up some of the (unaffordable, of course-)  renal diet Wotan's now on. According to the info sheet, the situation's totally terminal, but the vet says they sometimes survive happily for quite a long time, with proper diet. No fits so far today, fingers crossed, but it's been a rough week. I think the end is probably nearish, and am trying to be 'adult ' about it all (yeh, some chance-) , but allowing myself a bit of hope for another stay of execution. He's done it before...
MIRRORMASK  was quite a feast for the eyes, if a bit too 'kiddy' for  full fantabulousness.The interviews are interesting, too. Dave McKean doesn't look at all as I'd  imagined.

I fell asleep the other night watching that  murder story FALLEN ANGEL, which wasn't much cop, but I was curious to see how it all turned out. The last thing I remember is demented, mildly pervy Grandad dead in the bed with his throat cut. Can anyone throw  the necessary spoilers my way?

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