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Fits And Flaking Out...

Wotan's still fitting, and threw another one just before I had to leave for bloody CBT 'follow-up'. The poor woman had to listen to me wailing and whinging and saying how  I'm worse than ever. She disagrees...Well, she would, wouldn't she? Says I'm coping better with the hideous realities of my life. But I don't want my fucking reality to be hideous any more! I want fun, fun, fun, sex, drugs and first class travel/ And less heartbreak, please. Wah! 
I'm listening to the CD kindly provided by someone, with Grant Morrison talking about sigils and stuff. (They haven't worked for me, yet, and I've been trying for ages.) He got kidnapped by aliens, too. It's all very entertaining, anyway. He doesn't sound at all like I would have imagined.
I did a short , agonising gym thing on the way home, and Christ, I'm just sooo tired.
Gonna watch MIRRORMASK tonight, or maybe tomorow.Yeh!

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