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Done It...

Actually went to the bloody gym. There have been some changes. My favourite bike (hidden in the corner-) is gorn, and a few other torture machines moved around. It seems even more a gangsta's paradise than ever. I saw none of the other duffers, (maybe they all died during the winter-) just the blokes letting rip with those alarming orgasmic-walrus cries as they let their heavy weights crash thunderously to the floor. You'd think staff would mention you're not s'pozed to do that, but they're probably as afraid of those guys as I am. I was shattered, after a very mild workout indeed. I'm worse than I was before I started, well over a year ago. Shite. Still, I got there...Now I've got .to. keep. going.
Had a dreadful email from my sister about how truly gruesome the situation is becoming, with my mother. The house really has to be sold soon, which means I have to go there, for at least a few weeks, to help. I haven't seen 'em for like 20 years, and my condition is going to be a big shock...if I get there alive. I honestly don't know how I'll manage, at this point. Oh well, no actual date set... yet. While I was reading all this and much, 'orribly much more, Wotan ended a 'good' run of nearly eight months by having a seizure at my feet!
La la la...

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