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Just the sort of thing you'd think I'd be immune to, by now...I was trying to force myself to go to the gym, even for a half hour or something, just to get back, and was trundling by a greasy spoon with the shopping trolley. I looked in curiously, in case there might actually be a tortured artist inside, writing, or something.No, there were three chavs of my age group poking each other, pointing and laughing at *meeeee*...Now, I take it for granted that young folk will mock and abuse as I shuffle past, but this really seemed horrendous to me.It never stops hurting, this kind of thing.
I know, I know. I'll never feckin' qualify for the Chubsters at this rate...
I gave up, and just went on a busride/stroll. I went into Holy Trinity, Sloane Square, as I don't think I've been inside before, and claimed my three wishes.
...When I was a kid, every time you went into a new church, you were said to qualify for them. Of course, it applied to Cat'lick churches only, but in adulthood, I practise it in all 'holy' buildings; synagogues, whatver. You never know when you might actually get lucky...

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