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And Gloom Again...

Here's a recent  excerpt from wordsmith Poppy Z Brite's LJ. I think I may have whatever she's got. 
(Personally, I reckon pneumonia, at this point...) I certainly feel quite the nub.  Oh woe...

Just deathly ill. This crud has gone through so many permutations, I think it's a new superflu that doesn't kill you outright, just makes you sick in so many different ways that you wear down to a nub and either die or wish you had.

That 'documentary' on the 100 Greatest Sex Symbols last night, was rather fun, but they certainly left out a lot of bigtime ones. Wot about Garbo? Gary Cooper? etc. etc.  Only two celebs I actually fancy even made it;  Mr Depardieu and some guy  I've forgotten at the moment. 
(Edit: Oh, it comes back to me, now. Mr Brando...)
Ms Jolie was pronounced the sexiest humanoid evah. She is admittededly gorgeous, if not ( to me-) sexually appealing, but all sorts of people like Donny Osmond and David Cassidy were included. Weird.

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