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Weak, Weak, Weak...

R Next Door is poorly sick, too, but thank God she was able to stand on the kickstep to change a lightbulb for me. I'd tried, but was just too stiff, shaky and bleary.
I managed to get out and do our bloody shopping, though. I  really wasn't up to it, but  I felt I had to push myself a bit, or I'd just fade away. I sweated and fretted through the procedure, with several humiliating coughing fits. There was a lot of coughing going on, generally. I hope I haven't picked up yet another dose, in my travels.
Treated myself to some Canadian maple syrup for Pancake Day, anyhow. Yeh.
Had another terrible email from my poor trapped sister; senile tantrums,shit-smeared walls, etc. etc. and they're virtually snowed in with the mad mother, as well. It breaks my heart, and to be so helpless is intolerable. 
Gawd have mercy on all us suffering sods.

Nearly hurled looking at  W H Auden's fingernails on THE SOUTH BANK SHOW last  night. Jesus Christ!
He was really strange-looking, altogether. In youth, he had one of those weirdly featureless, blurry, egg-like faces, then he suddenly seems to have become the Oldest Man on Earth, with  famous faceful of wrinkles and crevasses, yet he was only 66 when he died.

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