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I Want to be Gorgeous!

Damn it, I really, really wanna look like Jill ('Scary Godmother') Thompson. There's a feature on her in COMICS JOURNAL and she is soooo sexy! Not fair to be such a good drawer and glam as well... She probably sold her soul, or something...Seems like a nice person, too. How annoying can you get?
Finally got my crap 'Noir' sketchbook done;a poor thing, but mine own. I doubt if I'll go, Saturday, if the increasing temperature continues. It's likely to be tropical again by the weekend. Bugger...Must remember to look out for the meteor shower tonight.Think it might be too cloudy, though.There's an item on TV about the death-dealing evil of fast foods,showing fat bastards guzzling pizza , Big Macs, and ice cream sundaes. MMMmmmmm....My saliva is flowing! Well, I'd rather stay fat than look like Dubya, anyway. I wouldn't mind going to 'fat camp' for 6 weeks, though. Oh God, now they're showing chips...

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