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Yes, it seems I have developed yet another  chesty, cough-till-you piss cold,  I should have bought some of those incontinence pads they had on sale at Superdrug the other day.
After four pilgrimages, I finally managed to acquire the application for a community care grant. I'd like to get a shower, and a chair I can get in and out of, without making cow-in-labour noises. The chances are very slim, but you gotta try these things. The forms are so hard to track down, and there's a good 20 pages of TMI to be filled in. They must reaaally not want people applying.
I've always disliked Valentine's Day, and found it yucky, even as a kid. Bleh...
I've been sniffing around YouTube again, and here, for anyone feeling as crabby as I do, are some jolly old gits dancing. See, even the elderly can sort of enjoy themselves at times. Must keep reminding myself... Pat Clancy (tweed cap-) looks rather like a less psychobilly version of my father, though, which is always scary.


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