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Alas, Poor Pippin...

R Next Door came around right in the middle of  EASTENDERS again. She was in a proper state,this time, as she'd just come from having the poor old rabbit put down. I let her get the story off her chest (it was pretty gruesome...) and poured some merlot down her. That's about all you can do, innit? These things just have to be ridden out. *Sigh*..I don't think she's slept for days, and she doesn't usually drink, so the wine, at least, might have done some good.
I did my best to comfort her, but nothing can be said. There's been far too much animal death going on recently. Wotan's got his checkup tomorrow. Fingers crossed...
Got MOBY DICK from Amazon... It's not the Everyman illustrated edition I ordered, and there was no return address or receipt from the seller. Fuck city. I've got onto them, as I saved the original email, but God knows if anything will be done about it. Fap.

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