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Old And Bald

Sickly-warm and murky is back with us, in a big way. Went to the shouty Caribbean barbershop, and got shorn; my first haircut at OAP rates. I thought they'd demand proof, but they obviously didn't give a monkey's. I could have been claiming it for ages, I guess. When I got on the bus TWO people offered seats! 'Kinell... I think they're definitely making a chemo tie-in.
Haven't heard any more about the fate of Pippin, but I don't think there's much hope. I've never been on intimate terms with a rabbit, but I guess you'd get very attached to 'em. Pippin is close to nine, which I gather is about as old as they can get, and keeps getting these gruesome tooth abscesses. Yuk. I'll spare youse the TMI, but evidently that's what eventually happens to rabbits. Their teeth just grow out of control and keep getting infected.
I'm really getting the arthur-itis miseries, not having a decent chair to sit on. Wonder if I could qualify for one of those community care grants, to get a big ol' high geriatric chair? They're so pricey, though. You see them on Ebay, but they usually have to be collected.
Hm, must go back to the atrocious TV movie. I think ,going by the gasps and shrieks, that 'Karen Carpenter''s collapsed. It's really atrocious. She did have an extremely attractive vocal quality; shame about all the shit material (and the starving herself to death stuff, too. Poor cow.)

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