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Last official session of CBT. It's all follow-ups from now on. I feel more and more guilty about pretending to be improving, but they really make it difficult for you not to lie, a bit., just to 'be nice.'  
I was exhausted afterwards,with the effort,  and didn't make it to ASDA, just 'did' LIDL for R Next Door. 
Poor Pippin Rabbit is really on the way out this time, I think. If she doesn't improve in 24 hours, it's euthanasia time. It might be for the best. R has been devoting her life to handfeeding and nursing the poor old thing for about a year; barely eats or sleeps herself. 
She's got no strength to get her benefit problems sorted or anything. I keep trying to nag her into it, and offering to come with her for moral support, etc. but she just won't be moved. even to talk to her doctor. I dunno what else to do. Gawd 'elp us.
Gosh, it looks like Sonia AND Martin are Leaving the Square. Intense. It was the wimpy husband, of course, who scrambled Pauline's brains with a frying pan...'Surprise'. He then fell out the window, and is dead.Hoopla!
Speaking of dead, when is somebody going to stumble upon the remains of poor old Jake?

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