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Black Book

Still trying to finish the bloody thing in time to post it, in case I don't actually make it to CAPTION. Wotta mess. May send a copy of my giant sloth rampage thing as well.
There's an ad on TV now featuring animated sloths talking. Ahhhhh! it's horrible! Wish they'd stop showing that dead kitten RSPCA ad, too-oh yeah and the one with the various animals being 'rescued'. That old lurcher gives an amazing performance,though, a real canine Don Quixote type. Do they have animal actor awards? Don't trust the RSPCA anyway...My current favourite ad is the Pot Noodle perverts. I still laugh every time I see it, especially when the spivvy bloke collapses on the floor, overcome by Bombay Bad Boy. Chortle ...Pizza, oh Jaysus, I want pizza so badly. Musn't...No...Me no sin... Roll on the latest obesity miracle cure. I don't think I'd be up for giving myself daily injections,though. Major Ewwwwww-

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