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Fried in Foyles...

God, it's pathetic; all I really did today was go sniffing in bookshops on Charing Cross Road with book tokens to squander, but after a couple of hours, and the blowing of 3/4 of my stash, I was so exhausted I went home.

BTW, Paul Gravett's British Comics history is half price at Foyle's at the mo. I bagged one.

Later, I found myself so worked up from all that expenditure, that I blew another kindly gifted  £20 on Amazon.
 I got  a Son House CD and a Howlin' Wolf for about  £2.50 each, and the Everyman's library MOBY DICK with the Rockwell Kent illustrations that was one of my prized possessions for many years, until I was extra-broke and had to sell it. Now it will be mine, again, for under a fiver. Hup!


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