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I am pissed off with LJ, as I wrote a brilliant piece yesterday about the absurd CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER  teapot tempest, and it got zapped somehow. I can't be bothered to try and reproduce it now, especially as everyone's well sick of the whole thing by now. 
I still maintain, however, that there was no racism. There was indeed bullying and obnoxiousness, which is the whole point of BB. Jade herself was originally a bullied and despised contestant.
I do fear we are being forced to accept galloping censorship, and it scares me.
Evidently there will be no audience for tonight's eviction as there are fears for Jade's safety. Grotesque as she is, I continue to feel a certain sympathy for Jade. She deserves rather a large amount of slack-cutting due to having had to grow up with Jackiey. It's a wonder she's capable of speech at all. It certainly would be a good idea if she now invested a bit of her money in a basic education, including, perhaps, those 'lokewshun lessons. 
As for Shilpa, I still think she's a spoilt,smug little madam,who could use the stay in the slums that Jade suggested,  and I don't think anyone of a different ethnic group from her who cares to say so should be branded a racist. Nyaaah!
It was nice to get outdoors again. Nothing around here seems to have been blown down.


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