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Must say I really found it very entertaining. I've never read any of the books, and wasn't all that thrilled by the first two films, but this was a bit 'scarier' ,and more adult in tone.

I have got another miserable bloody cold for sure. Arse...
I think CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER may have jumped the shark last year. It's hard to imagine this lot getting interesting. They all seem far too laid back and polite. The Bollywood diva might  have a little meltdown, though ,as things get more grubby. 
Donny Tourette, whoever he is, was really foul on his drunken first night, pissing in the shower, etc., but it turned out that when sober, he's a complete sweetie. He's  leapt over the wall, anyway, rather than be a 'servant' to Jade Goody, her boyfriend, and mum...

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