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I have never watched this show, but I believe it's quite popular. I did happen to see the last-ever episode last night, and found it incomprehensibly bizarre, annoying and meaningless. What am I missing, here?
It's another one of those very dark days that I find sort of pleasingly romantic and gothy. Only problem is they encourage the hibernation urge and make you want to just huddle in a duvet watching DVDs instead of working.

In my dream last night, I was ordered to attend this posh banquet, by an ex-boss I particularly despised. It was in this huge, three-tiered ballroom sort of place, with huge white-clothed tables all along the railings on each level. Luckily, I was on the ground floor, and seated next to Brian Sewell. We got lagging drunk, and bitched and dished about all the swanky people in attendance. It was great fun.


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